Effective 7/25/2020

Annual Participant Fees: Individual and family fees are non-refundable.

Customer Credit: All credit issued in place of a refund will be eligible for one calendar year of time of purchase and can be used towards any programing SEI offers including camps, clinics, clubs, rentals, birthday parties, and league fees at any CPSA program and SEI affiliates. 

Refund Policy:  A cancellation fee of $20.00 will be applied to all refunds for individual players or programs. The cancellation fee for multiple players or programs will be 10% of the refund. All refunds will be processed in the form in which the original payment was made. 

How long are classes? Classes are 50 mins long, once a week. They are offered during the week and on weekends.

How much do classes cost? It breaks down to $17 per class. You pay for the season upfront, which are usually about 12 weeks long. There is also Annual Registration Fee Required (Good for 1 year from sign up) which is $27 for an individual or $42 for a family.

Why do I have to pay a registration fee? The registration fee gives you access to class and team schedules, the ability to view facility schedules, receipts to your email, class reminders sent to your email, online payments, manage your account information. Soccer City members have full access to all of our facilities, classes, leagues, and events.

Can I join a class in the middle of a season? Yes, we prorate the classes, so you only pay for the remaining classes in the season.

What if I miss a class? We can schedule a make-up class for you. Email us to let us know which date you are missing and we will give you options for a make-up class. All make-up classes must be completed within the same season in which you missed the class.

What do I need to wear/bring to class? You should wear shin guards, gym shoes or indoor shoes, and comfortable clothes in which to run around. You should bring a water bottle with you to each class as well.

Why are classes indoors? Having classes indoors has many benefits, especially at the younger ages. It provides consistent scheduling for you and your family (never cancelled due to weather or field conditions). You get the benefit of a safe environment (a familiar and intimate atmosphere gives children security and confidence, which will help them focus better in class with fewer distractions). There are also bathrooms within close proximity and free WIFI for parents and families that need internet access.

Are classes split for boys and girls? No, all of our classes are co-ed.

Why do classes play small-sided games? Small-sided games are used to increase the number of touches on the ball a player receives within a game, which in turn, improves a player’s skills, confidence, and comfort with the ball. It also develops intelligence with and without the ball to promote faster decisions and better awareness. Small-sided games provide an age appropriate environment which aligns with the physiological needs of players.